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THANOS Gimbal Support System

Item No.: THANOS
Why Choose THANOS ?
1.THANOS can perfectly distributes gimbal setup weight to your body waist back and shoulder which can liberate your arm 100%
2.Net weight 2.5kg which will not add too much weight on your body
3.2-5kg weight bear
Weight Vest+Arm 2.5KG
Weight Bear 2-5KG
Compatibility Ronin S/Crane Series/Feiyu AK series/Moza Series Single Handle Gimbal etc If use round baseplate,it will be universal
Arm Material Alloy Aluminum

by Frank Meyburgh
Sep 04,2019
Thanos Support Price.
Evening Thanos, What is the price of Your THANOS gimbal support. Best Wishes, Frank Meyburgh. The Magic Lightbox Company. 2a Old Kilcullen Road. Bryanston Johannesburg South Africa.
by Isaiah Taylor
Jul 26,2019
Price sheet
Hi there, my team and I would like to inquire about this piece of equipment. Thank you.
by Aaron Jones
Jul 05,2019
Thanks gimbal support
Please show us some video instead of still shots of the Thanos single handle gimbal support system....


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